Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armouring (MEVA) :-  we design and manufacture armored vehicles according to international levels such as: NIJIII – NIJIIIA - CEN B4 - B6 - B7 and STANAG 4569 level II. 


A lightly armored, highly mobile, used primarily for transporting personnel and their individual equipment during tactical operations. Production modifications or application of special kits permit use as a mortar carrier, command post, flame thrower, antiaircraft artillery chassis, or limited recovery vehicle.

In urban areas, APCs are used to rapidly deploy Civil Protection teams to trouble spots. Outside the cities, both Civil Protection and Over watch forces use APCs extensively to patrol isolated areas (such as the Canals and the Coast). APCs are also used by Combine Over watch along the Coast to patrol and transport Combine Soldiers to areas in need of maintenance (such as reactivating Antlion restricting devices).
Did you know?

We entered into a joint venture with BAE Systems, a global leader in defense systems, to produce our armored vehicles.